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Afiniti is a change management consultancy specialising in the people agenda of business change.

While 70% of change programmes fail, we help companies Make Change Stick. Many companies think about tools and systems first, but at Afiniti, we believe it’s all about people. Read more about our background in technology driven business change.


To Make Change Stick:

Understand User Needs

Knowledge is the foundation of effective change. Know your people, what they need and the culture they are a part of. In readiness for change, we’ll conduct needs analysis and source intelligent data.

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Educate and train

70% of projects fail. Invest time in relevant training and development to deliver successful change. Learning leads to confidence and we find confident users make the most of new IT. Afiniti will help you prepare and educate your people.

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Engage and Communicate

Change can bring great opportunity, but not everyone will see it that way.  Our clients do best when they’re clear on the purpose for change and encourage a real conversation about its impacts.

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Manage and Deliver

Embedding successful change relies on flawless execution.  Our delivery expertise will ensure your project stands out from the crowd.

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  • Are you able to embrace new opportunities quickly & successfully?
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Use our free change readiness assessment tool now and get a high level view of how change ready your organisation is and recommended actions.
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