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Through years of experience, we’ve established a truly talented team of consultants who have developed proven methods and tools to successfully implement change and transformation projects.

Our capabilities include:

  • Stakeholder engagement and leadership development programmes
  • Strategies and models to help people adopt new technologies and support for business change programmes
  • Helping organisations understand their business and know their user community prior to implementing any change, transformation or new technology
  • Training programmes for project management, business change and business systems
  • Programmes that provide learning choices, such as virtual world learning, e-learning, 1:1 coaching, instructor-led classroom based learning, presentations/briefings, virtual coaches and mentoring
  • IT training in common desktop tools, providing user confidence and the ability to apply skills to a business requirement
  • Engagement and communications programmes that involve themed campaigns, online surveys, intranet portals, email campaigns, advertising and marketing, presentations and video content
  • Designing, building, testing and deploying new hardware and software technologies

All of these capabilities and programmes can be managed by Afiniti, supported by our in-house project tools for real-time reporting, learning management, communications, collaboration and asset management.

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