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Our work is all about working with people. So unsurprisingly, Afiniti collaborates with many organisations that help to enrich what we do, giving us greater depth, strength and expertise; providing real value to our clients.

  • CIO Development
    CIO Development

    Complementing Afiniti’s existing work with senior executives, our partnership with CIO Development helps IT leaders to manage change by aligning business and technology through consultancy, training, change management and leadership development. CIO Development is an international leader in the personal and professional development of IT executives, enabling them to become more effective IT leaders through career

  • Group Partners
    Group Partners

    Persistence in Transformation is a joint collaboration and creation by Afiniti and Group Partners and describes the approach, method and tools used by Afiniti, which are aligned with Deployment – D4 of the 4D™ Framework. Sharing a common belief to do things right and do the right things, Afiniti and Group Partners support the client

  • Ambient Performance
    Ambient Performance

    Virtual World technology is emerging as a rich training environment as well as effective communications platform.  Ambient Performance is an entrepreneurially led company who specialise in virtual world technology - offering innovative and creative applications of this emerging technology. Afiniti and Ambient complement each other perfectly with the direct match in approach and ideas - truly believing

  • Metier Academy
    Metier Academy

    Through a strategic partnership with Métier Academy International, Afiniti is offering a highly effective corporate training programme designed to increase the overall project management competencies within an organisation, targeting both Project Managers and Project Team Members. The tailored corporate training programme is delivered through a blend of learning including a choice of modular e-learning courses

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