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One of the biggest barriers to success is changing mindsets and attitudes - IBM survey

When implementing a major change in your organisation it is important to ensure that all users are fully supportive of the programme in order to ensure there is minimal disruption to the business. A way boosting employee engagement is to connect your users with the business problem or strategy and understand their different groups, audiences, needs, how they want to receive information and what input can they give to make the programme a success.

What value can Afiniti add?

Depending on the programme, Afiniti can help with

  • End user adoption through the development of effective communications and tools
  • Briefings targeting both stakeholders and end users
  • Road shows – designed to suit budget and geographical reach
  • Training and education around the change
  • Informative collateral using friendly language
  • Coaching for teams and communication champions
  • Help stakeholders understand how to create conversations with their teams
  • Aligning communications to culture of organisation


  • Users are engaged and involved with the change programme
  • Expectations are set early in the change process
  • Creates a better environment
  • A happier workforce
  • Increase in productivity
  • Your people become your biggest supporters and help you implement change
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Sebastian May

With more than four years’ of corporate communications experience, Sebastian has managed and designed a range of projects for many international clients and industry sectors. He has expertise in creative communications, branding, multi-media campaigning, high-level

Sebastian May
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