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Creative Design & Treatment

Two-fifths of organisations report that innovation and creativity are crucial – CIPD

When creating communications materials and tools to support a communications strategy, it is important to engage with the audience and connect through appealing designs that represent the project.  Smart, professional designs help to raise the profile of communications and can be used to create a particular image, align the corporate brand and tell a story through visual representation.

What value can Afiniti add?

Afiniti’s in-house creative director and design team specialise in communications and designs that support technology projects and business change. Depending on the size of the project, Afiniti will work with you and the communications team to develop:

  • A project theme and identity
  • Taglines and straplines to support overall project messaging
  • Creative campaigns that can be applied to communications channels such as posters, websites, email
  • An image library that can be used across materials
  • Video and podcasts
  • Branded learning materials

Afiniti will always ensure that designs follow brand guidelines.  At the initial development stages the team will determine the culture and what appeals to the audience as well as understand the project messages so that these can all be incorporated into the designs.


  • Consistent, professional, appealing look and feel applied to all materials
  • Communications are not missed and are easily identifiable to the project
  • Rapid creation of themes and materials aligned to communication messages
  • A cohesive solution using one team
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David Browning

Scottish born David Browning, is a Creative Designer for Afiniti and has 4 years’ experience in web development. He is a self-confessed geek who has a passion for all things print, web, video and photo.

David Browning
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