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Gap analysis / Project review

Projects with poor change management only met objectives 17% of the time. - ProSci

Improving your project management capability will provide consistency in how you manage change. It will give you uniformity across the organisation and a defined method, resulting in successful project delivery, driving efficiency and results.

What value can Afiniti add?

Afiniti provide organisations with an independent review of how they manage and deliver their projects. In our experience, organisations that make immediate improvements to even just one weak area can instantly see improvements.


  • The project will be consistently delivered to a quality standard
  • Align outcomes to project timings
  • On-going guidance and support from our experts
  • Real-time reporting delivered direct to your stakeholders and managers; ‘no surprises’ mindset
  • Concrete evidence for your return on investment
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Case study

Programme and project management

Enhanced the programme delivery by establishing best practices in programme and project management within the project team.

Rachel Buttell

Rachel has been involved in Project Management, training and communications since 1994. She is committed to building better projects and is highly persuasive when training others. Rachel is particularly interested in “real-world” project management –

Rachel Buttell
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