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Asset & Data Management

60% of successful transformations focus on changing mind-sets.- McKinsey & Company

Whenever there is a large project or programme in place, there will be data, which may come from multiple sources and organising this can quickly become a complex task. To ensure the success of your programme, it is vital to have this information organised and structured in a meaningful way so that it can be used to help your business. Good knowledge is crucial to effective organisational change.

What value can Afiniti add?

Afiniti’s pragmatic approach brings structured thinking and simplicity through our asset and data management service that provides the ability to be able to quickly identify information that is needed from multiple sources.


  • Cost effective and Practical – one source purely dedicated to data associated with your project
  • Incorporates an improved asset and data management process that’s based on the successful delivery of large-scale deployment programme
  • Configurable web-based project tools, developed using the Agile project management method over many years’ experience
  • Dynamic dashboard reporting – visual, high quality and meaningful information
  • Insight and foresight into what is needed to do next
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Training and Communication programmme

To support new Infrastructure design for Active Directory, Exchange and XP desktop.

Rachel Buttell

Rachel has been involved in Project Management, training and communications since 1994. She is committed to building better projects and is highly persuasive when training others. Rachel is particularly interested in “real-world” project management –

Rachel Buttell
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