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Training Needs Analysis

60% of successful transformations focus on changing mind-sets.- McKinsey & Company

Conducting a Training Needs Analysis will ensure that people have the correct skills, competencies and behaviours to effectively adopt a specific change. Clarifying what level of education and training is required, and identifying how to successfully achieve results. Organisations are not always fully aware of the impact of a particular change and how it will affect their people, especially in relation to technology implementation projects.

What value can Afiniti add?

Afiniti can help any organisation rapidly identify the learning needs of its users affected by a change programme to ensure that relevant and effective communications and training strategies are implemented to address competencies, behaviours and new ways of working.

Afiniti will provide review and provide guidance on:

  • Identifying key staff audiences, their skills, competencies and behaviour requirements
  • Business and user engagement strategy
  • Training needs analysis
  • Existing learning and communications channels
  • Training strategy
  • Implementation planning


  • Speed up the transition of adopting change
  • Reduce the risk and impact on the business and ensure that your people are not only prepared for the change but fully equipped
  • Maximise the opportunity of a successful implementation
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