MOOCs – The future of social learning?

A 2014 Future Workplaces survey found 70 per cent of HR professionals planned to integrate MOOCs into their learning programmes.

We now want information at our fingertips, on the go and catered to our busy schedules; so could MOOCs, a new form of social learning with a low delivery cost and high accessibility, be the answer? Read more

Looking ahead: the future role of internal communications

The drivers of change in internal communications aren’t tools and technology, they come from the business and its people.

When thinking about the future of in internal communications, we often think about developments in technology and the possible channels we may be able to use to communicate to employees, e.g. isn’t there an app we can use to update Linda’s team in Liverpool? Read more

Are middle managers seen unfairly during business change?

Middle managers often get a bad press but those of us working in business change know that they can be a big asset if involved and engaged the right way at the right time.

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The importance of managing resistance to change

The tube strikes held by Transport for London (TfL) workers in early 2014 posed serious inconvenience and disruption bringing the whole city to a halt.

Last minute talks between Boris and Bob orchestrated by the media just appeared too late in the day with the frustration of the Trade Union crying out “ resistance to change ”. Read more

The impact of employee engagement on projects

Research from McKinsey shows that projects are much more likely to be successful when employees are engaged and involved

Very often, technology change such as Cloud deployment, is not seen as being business or cultural change. Often this is the main reason why employee engagement is not adequately boosted beyond the common BAU function during projects and programmes. Read more

How empowered are your employees?

How empowered are your employees in learning new technology and new working behaviours?

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Top tips on implementing gamification

The conversation about gamification starts in the board room. But what if you’re a project manager tasked with implementation? Read more

When is a business change project most vulnerable?

project handover

When there is business change, whether it’s an office move or the introduction of a new system, the employees affected by the change will require support.  Read more

Communications Strategy: Building messages with visuals

It seems those of us who are natural communicators enjoy using the left hand side of our brains more than anything, to make use of emotions and creativity to solve problems and organise information in an intuitive and instantaneous way.

Communicating large and complicated amounts of information to internal stakeholders, with visual aids, separates project communications from usual internal comms output and engages employees in a way that reflects how we all take on messages in different ways. Read more

Is Video Based Learning suitable for your change programme?

Video Based Learning is great for sharing information but can it improve engagement and performance during a change programme?

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