How can introverts and extroverts bring out the best in each other?

The differences between them can cause real problems on a project. Here’s a guide to spotting issues early and what to do.

There are a number of common myths about introverts and extroverts, such as: Read more

Getting people up to speed during business change

The way in which we access learning has changed fundamentally since the days of “chalk and talk” training courses.

Organisations and individuals are no longer prepared to give up a day of their time to attend a course, where only a small percentage of what they learn is what they actually need to know. Read more

Business Change Newsletter August

Welcome to the August edition of Afiniti’s Business Change newsletter. We discuss how to Make Change Stick: how to communicate change and how to improve performance and increase change capability.

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Thoughts on the move to Customised Learning

The move to customised learning gives us more opportunity to address individual and business need that ever before.

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