Dealing with resistance to change – 5 things that work

Why do we so often resist change, even when, deep down, we know it’s for the best?

Changing a long-held belief or conviction requires us to undo existing neural pathways, essentially rewiring or retraining our brains to make new connections.  This requires substantial effort, and comes with the risk that it will change other associated beliefs which are important to us.  So, deep down, all this effort had better be worth it. Read more

You can’t make me change

In my last blog, I wrote about London buses going cashless, and how that change was pushed through, even though 67% of people who responded to a consultation were against it.

This made me think, how do I, myself, react to change?  I’m a Change Practitioner!  Am I more open to change than most?  Would I be in the 33% that were for cashless buses?  Do I embrace change?

Do I heck!  I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to change, I can be really stubborn.  Worse, when I think that a change has been done badly, I can actively fight against that change.  I do this to punish those who have implemented it.  I’m starting to think that I may have a problem. Read more

Business Change Newsletter October

Welcome to the October edition of Afiniti’s Business Change newsletter. We discuss how to Make Change Stick: how to communicate change and how to increase change management capability within a business.

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Dreamflight presents Afiniti’s Kirsten Walker with Award

The charity Dreamflight takes 192 seriously ill and disabled children on a trip of a lifetime to Florida each year.

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Building trust in times of corporate change

During business change, there can be great uncertainty and trust becomes more important than ever before. So how can we reassure and engage employees?

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Using the power of leadership and change to tackle Tesco’s crisis

If there’s one thing Tesco’s reporting meltdown tells us, it’s that the only way to stay profitable is to be open, transparent and accountable – without trust, profits are in trouble.

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