Avoiding Silos when Delivering Change

What happens in your organisation when a change is implemented; particularly a change involving both system and process?

Typically, a project will be initiated; representatives from the core business and IT will liaise to design the solution. External developer resource may be engaged to create a bespoke system.  So change is quite a costly business, involving multiple stakeholders and a high level of risk.

When it comes to the implementation of the change however, how do you know you have “finished”?  Ask IT, and they will probably reply “when the system is implemented”.  Many representatives from the business would give a similar answer. Read more

Uncovering the secret change network

There’s no denying the power of the change network in accelerating and embedding change. But are you sure you know how to map and measure influencers? Here are some quick pointers.

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Why is measuring internal communications often overlooked?

The value of measuring internal communications can’t be understated, particularly in times of change. So why the reluctance?

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How falling oil prices can boost employee engagement

It may come as a surprise but the streamlining going on in the North Sea oil industry is giving people the opportunity to engage with their work like never before.

The pressure is now on to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The alternative is job losses which obviously everyone wants to avoid. Read more