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Choosing communications for business change part 3

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The first and second parts of this series were all about considered use of creativity and innovation and how to choose communications channels.

What stands above all of this, is the story of the business and its future, which can be told through creative communications and branding. To get the strategy right in the first place and build your overall story, you should consider the following statements.  If the answer is yes, to them all then you are good to go.  If not, then you might want to develop an action plan to tackle some of the issues highlighted. The impact of communications and engagement is being measured throughout to make sure efforts are correctly focused

  • There is a mechanism for employee feedback to be acted upon with clear lines of escalation
  • Individuals will understand how they play a part in the success of business change through the communications and engagement
  • People will understand how the change will impact them
  • People will understand how the change is instrumental in achieving one of the business’s primary strategic goals
  • The business benefits for the change have been clearly articulated
  • The programme has been given credibility and a certain uniqueness through design, branding and messaging.
  • There is a clear statement to illustrate how the company will look after the change has been implemented that runs throughout communications
  • Departments like HR and other teams, are informed and aligned with your key messaging and communications plan, and have had a chance for input
  • Senior leaders understand the messages and their contribution to the communications strategy

It’s surprising, but measurement and this kind of change readiness assessment doesn’t always happen at the start and then continue throughout a programme. It gets forgotten and that means that communications may not engage, involve and inspire people to back the change and take it forward.

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