this or that?

Tea or coffee?

“Morning – tea. Afternoon – coffee.”

Books or movies?

“Books (son of a librarian), though I do love films too.”

Early bird or night owl?

“Used to be night owl, now more early bird.”

Summer or Winter?

“Summer all the way.”

Strictly or X Factor?

“Neither, don’t have a TV!”

What’s a typical day for you as a Learning Consultant at Afiniti?

“Afiniti are a great organisation for flexible working, so I’ve managed to liberate myself from the daily commute and work from home most days, unless we need to collaborate on something face-to-face.

“On the day in question I got up at about 6:45, had a shower and went downstairs for breakfast while my partner and 2-year-old daughter snoozed for another luxurious 30 minutes. While eating my Marmite on toast I caught up on my emails.

“Sometimes I go for a run, but on this day I thought better of the idea!

“The Little one rose with a smile, so I made her and my partner breakfast before getting back to my desk. Then it’s off to nursery for my daughter which renders the house very quiet! Mornings tend to be my peak productivity time, so I worked right through to lunch.”


“I had a bit of a ‘what next’ moment as we’ve just completed our initial draft of a change strategy for a client. I always have a minor limbo moment when a big piece of work is ‘complete’.

“However, with a long list of items needing my attention, it was very much ‘onwards and upwards’.

“I decided on preparing some material for a working session on the learning curriculum I’m putting together so we can better define the solution-development pathway for the next few months.”


“Lunch came a bit later this day – my lunch breaks tend to vary, and usually I take them when I’m hungry, or sometimes when my daughter comes back from nursery as it means I get to take 10-15 minutes for some play time with her. This is why working from home is so important for me – if I was office based I couldn’t spend this vital time with her.”


“In the afternoon I check again to see what my priorities are. Some feedback on the strategy deck needs to be actioned so I hop onto that for most of the afternoon, in addition to a quick Q&A session with one of our partners who, despite her busy schedule, somehow manages to spend time with me!

“I finish the day up with some systems-data analysis which will be useful for later stages of the project – got to show the data some love!”


“Unless there’s something critical, I ringfence my time in the evening for myself and my family.

“That said, I’m mid-way through my CIPD Level 5 Diploma in L&D, so I often need to fill some of this time with study/essay writing, so clearly I’m a glutton for punishment… I know it’ll be worth it eventually, roll on graduation!”