this or that?

Tea or coffee?

“‘Posh’ coffee (shop bought) first thing in the morning, then loads of strong tea throughout the day (not too much milk).”

Books or movies?


Early bird or night owl?

“Early bird.”

Summer or Winter?


Strictly or X Factor?


A busy day on site with clients

“On this particular day I had an early start as I was heading to a client’s office to lead an immersive, company-wide engagement activity.

“From home in South West London I headed straight to the edge of North London to the client site. I met another Afiniti colleague there and we both quickly put on our branded t-shirts which we produced specifically for the event.”


“The first port of call was a briefing for our event volunteers and then to set up the event space. The venue looked great, full of colour and pre-organised collateral and merchandise to excite and engage employees. Then I made a quick phone call to the client sponsor to let her know we were all set and ready to go. With her final words of encouragement ringing in my ears (‘sounds great, hope it rocks, Sophie’) it was time to open the event.

“The event itself kicked of at 11:30am and finished at 1:30pm – I was busy interacting with employees and encouraging them to get involved in the immersive activities and prize draws related to the behavioural change project.

“We had hundreds of people visiting, and thanks to the great work with did with the project team preparing and promoting, early feedback indicated that the event was a huge success.”


“For lunch I sat with the team and had a salad at the client’s cafeteria. We discussed the event – what worked well and what could be even better next time, we then drew the prize winners, packed the event down, debriefed and thanked the volunteers.

“I then checked my emails and sent news (‘it rocked!’) of the event, along with photos, to our client sponsor who was subsequently really pleased with the level of participation and engagement.”


“I got back home late late afternoon and jumped on a weekly team call with clients in Canada. Then off with the branded t-shirt and a quick change ready for dinner with my family who were visiting from Australia – we celebrated my successful day and had a catch up over some great food and wine!”