this or that?

Tea or coffee?

“Tea! Builders with skimmed milk, no sugar.”

Books or movies?

“Books. Thrillers, mysteries and anything by Robert Goddard.”

Early bird or night owl?

“Early bird. I’m asleep by 10!”

Summer or Winter?

“Summer, summer, summer.”

Strictly or X Factor?

“Strictly – and can I be a contestant please?”

What’s it like being a Principal Consultant with Afiniti?

“My day as Principle Consultant can start at home, at the client site here or abroad, or our own Afiniti office in London. Being adaptable is key to this role and it’s why I enjoy it so much. I have the opportunity to meet so many new people, see new places and work with clients to secure lasting change in their businesses.

“I started this day by chatting to our youngest daughter about her completing her final exam and then spent some time on the family WhatsApp to catch up with another daughter in Kathmandu and another finishing her university finals! My husband then ran me to the station to catch the train into London.”


“First job in the office was to print out a learning strategy I have been working on for a client to give it a final read-through before sending off for review. I always like to proof-read a paper copy if possible. I then went out for coffee with some of my colleagues to catch up on their projects and to find out what’s been going on with them. Back to the office to continue with the proof-read and then to make the last changes.”


“Lunch today was a salad in the office which I brought in from home and another chance to catch up colleagues.”


“During the afternoon I had a call with a client and made travel arrangements to spend a few days in their European offices in a few weeks’ time. This was then followed by a Zoom video call with the rest of my project team as we are all remote and dial in from various places. We discussed the project plan and key deliverables which resulted in clarity around some goals.”


“I stopped off at Waterloo to buy some dinner for tonight as we had friends coming around to plan our upcoming trip to Amsterdam with teenage daughters! Obviously the Anne Frank house but then there are canal trips, bike rides, art galleries or even Blijburg beach if it’s sunny!! Decisions, decisions. What a lovely way to end the day.”