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Our international consultancy and construction client made a huge investment moving and consolidating many processes and systems from on-premise technical solutions to Oracle Cloud.  The change encompassed a number of large, diverse business functions including: Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Projects, Procurement, and Finance.

Benefits realisation of this investment was dependent on user adoption. We were engaged as change partner to support the change elements of the programme through the multiple phases of implementation.

Our solution

We partnered with the organisation to:

  • define the change, and the impact of the change, on key roles within the organisation, along with how those users would be best supported;
  • develop the change journey for key roles – helping them to understand the impact of the change;
  • induct key users into a Change Champion Network who became super users of the system and managed and supported the delivery of the programme through training, sharing knowledge and communications;
  • assess and measure business readiness within the organisation.

The differences we made

  • We developed a clear change story for each of the key roles defined, allowing the change to be articulated.
  • We built and maintained the champions network, developing them into the key conduit between the programme and the organisation.
  • We supported multiple go-lives through training, communications and coaching.
  • We built up knowledge and understanding of the change process within the organisation to ensure the change was sustainable.