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  • DHL
Seamless engagement and learning for a new way of working

As part of a global roll out, DHL Supply Chain implemented a new Warehouse Management System. The system automates their operations for greater consistency and ultimately flawless execution in an environment where every second counts.

They enlisted our help to change behaviour and mindsets. These aspects of change presented a greater challenge than the already significant task of learning new processes and technology.

Our Solution

Clear communications and easy-to-digest information supported the switch from ‘working on instinct’ to trusting a more complex system of computer-processed data. We developed the following:

  • A programme identity which connected learning and engagement activity. We created characters to tell the story of the new warehouse management system
  • Appealing learning packages designed for all audiences, many of whom speak English as a second language
  • Role-based workshops and eLearning, which were quickly adaptable for audiences, allowing each site to make the journey at their own pace and in their own style
  • A framework of messages to explain the rationale and make it easy to pass on the story of change consistently.
  • A standard comms plan and a toolkit of branded materials – from sponsor videos to FAQ sheets – for managers dealing with each implementation.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Telling the story

    The DHL Supply Chain team has common understanding about what’s changing and why

  • Consistent messages

    The story connected the specially designed workshops and learning materials to make the task of embedding the system feel as natural as possible

  • Sustainable resources

    Adaptable learning and communications materials accessible in a branded portal

  • A plan for engagement

    Managers are equipped to create ‘count down’ communications, with templates and an adaptable plan 

Date: August 2013

If you‘d like to know how Afiniti could benefit change within your company, feel free to give us a call on 0845 608 0104