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  • Network Rail
Afiniti designed and delivered an engaging and thought provoking road show event to inspire and encourage colleagues to collaborate helping them deliver a fantastic customer service.

The annual Network Rail Group Business Services (GBS) road shows are the flagship event of the year providing senior leadership with a chance to meet and engage with their teams, share progress and inspire future thinking.  There are 10 road shows held across 3 different locations over a matter of weeks.  It’s a critical event for GBS to get colleagues together promote its vision, share successes and generate ideas.

Our Solution

We led the project team to build the theme, concept and creative identity of the road show.  We produced engaging content across a range of media, while project managing the successful delivery of the events.

We worked seamlessly with stakeholders to:

  • Understand the business’ key drivers and produce a theme and concept to deliver their objectives
  • Apply the theme across all collateral to produce a highly visual and impactful end-product
  • Design an interactive agenda designed to fully engage attendees and invite participation
  • Gamify the theme so that attendees can continue to participate and play their part via an interactive website
  • Produce a video built from user generated content to tell the story from an employee perspective
  • Create content across other media such as animation and audio to provide attendees with a stimulating and engaging experience
  • Manage the overall delivery of the road shows through a network of employees from across the business

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Flawless project delivery ensuring the road shows were delivered to time, cost and quality
  • Sustainable themes and ideas that can be applied and embedded across the business post-road show
  • Flexible approach to project management that fits with client requirements
  • Quality products delivered for exceptional value
  • Better understanding of the business’ key drivers; increase of 30% of those who have a strong understanding
  • Excellent attendee feedback – “This was the best road show that I have attended in my time at NR. It was informative and it was fun and the combination kept everyone interested.”
  • Committed leadership team to drive and embed the key themes within their teams
  • Highly engaged employees who left the events inspired to make a difference


 “Thank you again for the extensive work Afiniti delivered in relation to the road shows.   As both our staff and leaders agreed they were the ‘best yet!’”

Business Operations Manager

Date: May 2014

If you‘d like to know how Afiniti could benefit change within your company, feel free to give us a call on 0845 608 0104