Day in the life of
Nick Smith, Managing Partner


“Usually I’m up around 5:45. I take some time to wake up and then go out for a 30 minute run.  When I get back home I make tea for my wife, have breakfast, shower, shave and dress.

“I’m in my home office for 8am, responding to the overnight and early morning emails, catching up on admin and on this particular day I began to create a statement of work for a client.

“Then, a quick firing up of the coffee machine, followed by the joy of a home-made cappuccino.”


“The day’s meetings start with a weekly internal call around our business development status, identifying priorities for the week ahead, ensuring we’re planning in the support needed for bids, and that opportunities are not slipping.

“Then, off to get the train into London – a ten minute drive to station – then 50 minutes on the train, spent reviewing work in progress for a colleague evolving a model / framework to help a client.  I really enjoy reviewing the work, it’s great for knowledge sharing and definitely something we can feed back into our Afiniti methodology Centre of Excellence so that we all benefit from it in other client engagements.

“30 minutes on the tube – some Bob Dylan on the phone and a good book – in to the office by late morning.


“As I reach the office I’m wanted on a call to review the next iteration of the client deliverable I’d looked at on the train earlier.  It’s moved on really well in a short space of time (a talented colleague) and the three of us on the call move it forward some more, tweaking what’s in place.

“Then another call at 1:30 with a client to discuss an innovative proposal that we’re working on with them for a secondment of one of their people to us.  Looking good, and we agree next steps to see if we can make this happen within a few weeks.

“1:45 and time to grab a sandwich – wishing that I hadn’t left my umbrella in my bag in the office!

“2pm and it’s an interview with a potential consultant.  Great fun talking with a talented, smart, potential colleague – exploring links between therapy and change leadership.  One of the really good bits of the job.

“Following the interview there are another two weekly calls, final conversations about some potential blogs I’m planning to write for our Insights series, then off to get the tube and train home.  On the train I work on one of those blogs, and catch up on colleague emails.”


“I got in at about 7:20, have dinner and catch up with my wife, resolve some domestic IT challenges, plan some work on the house and then check in with wider family. Now it’s time for bed: winding down with Summer of Rockets – one more episode to go, then it’s on to Killing Eve.”

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