Neil Finnie

Business Change Director

Neil is a deeply experienced, heavy hitting expert in large scale transformation and business leadership. He has amassed 29 years’ experience in utilities, financial services, construction, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and retail. Neil has experience of leading and growing businesses, working closely with senior executives in blue chip organisations to diagnose and solve their transformation challenges. He is a highly engaging and effective influencer at senior levels, and an outstanding communicator at all levels.

He believes that the ‘traditional’ approach to transformation is “back to front”. People often invest all the energy, time, and focus in the solution, only turning to how the business needs to change at the end. Addressing the business changes first, strategically and ‘top-down’, is a bolder, tougher, and much more successful path. Neil is passionate about helping clients’ set up their transformation ambitions for success, creating and agreeing a clear strategy up front, and then maintaining a strong narrative through execution. Tackling the ‘people side’ of the change is what successful and sustainable transformation is all about (making change stick). Ultimately, nothing will change unless people are very clear on what is being asked of them, and why.

Usually a different way of thinking and a different approach is required to get different results. Having made many mistakes over many years, Neil can help others avoid some of them! His own deep experience of business transformation (ERP, acquisition, org change, separation, growth), in a variety of sectors helps him see the through the ‘wood and the trees’ to the outcomes and benefits.

Based in Manchester, Neil enjoys spending time with his wife Donna, three children, and two dogs. He loves being active and is a regular participant in triathlons, running events, and a variety of challenges. Last year, Neil completed the two day, 105 mile, coast to coast event in the Scottish highlands.

Neil’s Insights

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