Nick Smith

Managing Partner

Nick delights in leading complex and challenging change projects integrating engagement, process and learning elements.  His strong background in strategy, marketing, and management consulting brings robust, creative and commercial focus to his work.

Nick has over 30 years’ experience of working in and around technology, with over 20 of them spent in consulting.  He has held change, general management, marketing, sales and service roles with IT vendors and leading consultancies.  Persuaded that people make the difference, Nick has aligned with and strengthened Afiniti’s key emphases since beginning to work with us in 2010.  Leadership roles in CIO programmes ensure an understanding of the pressures on this key role for organizational change.  Nick has an MA from Edinburgh University and began his career with IBM.

Nick lives in Oxford with his wife, has two grown-up daughters, and is active in his local church.

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Nick’s Insights

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