Yasmine Mohamed PPM
Yasmine Mohamed


Yasmine is a skilled IT professional with a background in Project, Communications and Technical support. Working as a contractor for Thomson Reuters in 2010, Yasmine developed a liking of the project environment and decided to pursue a career in Project Management.

Yasmine has a BSc in Information and Communications Technology obtained in 2009, which focused on Web Design, Ergonomics, Databases, Network Topologies/Communications Technology, Display Technology, 3D Design, Information Management and various other areas of IT. She has since been working in the project environment for Thomson Reuters, Subsea7 and since joining Afiniti in 2011, Yasmine has been working on a Network Rail iPhone deployment project. She seeks to be an IT Project Manager in the future, working on business change projects. A self-motivated, committed and reliable individual who enjoys working in fast paced settings, with a go-getter attitude towards her work.

In her spare time, Yasmine works with a local charity in Sheffield, which has been operating for 20 years, as an IT Administrator voluntarily. Dealing with procurement of IT equipment, troubleshooting and setting up/upgrading/updating IT equipment. Also, successfully writing grant applications/bids for the charity to maintain their success in bringing support to child and adult education in a struggling diverse community.


Yasmine’s Insights

project handover

When is a business change project most vulnerable?

One of the main issues when undertaking a change project is the lack of support for the ‘end user’. Projects tend to have a support resource in place, but what happens when the project team leave?