Avoiding Silos when Delivering Change

What happens in your organisation when a change is implemented; particularly a change involving both system and process?

Typically, a project will be initiated; representatives from the core business and IT will liaise to design the solution. External developer resource may be engaged to create a bespoke system.  So change is quite a costly business, involving multiple stakeholders and a high level of risk.

When it comes to the implementation of the change however, how do you know you have “finished”?  Ask IT, and they will probably reply “when the system is implemented”.  Many representatives from the business would give a similar answer. Read more

Getting people up to speed during business change

The way in which we access learning has changed fundamentally since the days of “chalk and talk” training courses.

Organisations and individuals are no longer prepared to give up a day of their time to attend a course, where only a small percentage of what they learn is what they actually need to know. Read more

Thoughts on the move to Customised Learning

The move to customised learning gives us more opportunity to address individual and business need that ever before.

Read more

Scenario Based Learning for change programmes

The learning industry loves a three letter acronym! SBL, or Scenario Based Learning, is one of the latest ones to hit the headlines, but what is it and how can it improve the learning experience?

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