Can mLearning work for business change?

You have a smart-phone, right?  Maybe more than one.  A tablet?  iPad, Nexus, Galaxy Note, Surface? If so, you’re carrying a potent mLearning tool.

The learning benchmarking organisation, Towards Maturity, has reported that 39% of the organisations they track are using mobile learning in some way, and 76% expect to adopt in the next two years. Read more

Learning in a world of constant change

People now have to go through constant change in their work environment. How can we make sure learning engages users and meets business needs?

Here at afiniti, we are all about “Making Change Stick” – giving people learning that connects directly to their job roles, gives them ownership of business change and influence over how they learn. Read more

Boosting learning and performance in a global company

In today’s globalised marketplace, many organisations span countries and continents.  When creating and designing learning strategies, it would be careless to ignore the cultural challenges and risks this presents.

Language is the most obvious cultural challenge to overcome.  Content can be translated into different languages relatively easily, but the subtler implications and nuances can sometimes be lost in this process. Read more