Why is measuring internal communications often overlooked?

The value of measuring internal communications can’t be understated, particularly in times of change. So why the reluctance?

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Getting the message across during change

You’re trying to explain what change management is.  The person you’re talking to doesn’t get it.  They question why companies don’t simply just get on with business change.  If only it were that simple!

Change management is all about helping people adapt to business change, to minimise resistance and make sure the project delivers what it was designed to back to the business.

Often the people factor gets ignored and resistance means people don’t drive the change forward. Sometimes they may not have all of the vital facts and have no opportunity to get involved and have their say. To engage people and support them in adopting and accelerating the change, you need to communicate and engage with people. Here are some tips for getting the message across. Read more

Dealing with resistance to change – 5 things that work

Why do we so often resist change, even when, deep down, we know it’s for the best?

Changing a long-held belief or conviction requires us to undo existing neural pathways, essentially rewiring or retraining our brains to make new connections.  This requires substantial effort, and comes with the risk that it will change other associated beliefs which are important to us.  So, deep down, all this effort had better be worth it. Read more

Offline Communications – what are your options?

Good, effective communications need to be online don’t they?

Online is a popular option. But when it comes to business change it has one big disadvantage – the lack of a physical presence or immediacy. Read more

How can introverts and extroverts bring out the best in each other?

The differences between them can cause real problems on a project. Here’s a guide to spotting issues early and what to do.

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Communications Tips for Managing Change

Managing change and communicating it to people can be a messy affair. It can be uncomfortable, problematic and challenging.

You potentially need to persuade many people that the journey you’re about to talk about is worth embarking on and your audience will be split into groups who’ll be positive, resistant, wary or ambivalent – so you’ll have a challenge on your hands.

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Three things you need to do to engage employees with change

Did you know that we are bombarded with 174 newspapers’ worth of data and information each day?  This is four times the amount of just 25 years ago. So when delivering change it is vital that your programme stands out from the crowd and you engage employees with change.

Consider also, that the pace of change is increasing day by day as companies keep up with the competition and follow market trends in a bid to avoid the risk of failure.  There is pressure to innovate, introduce new solutions and find new ways of communicating so projects deliver full business benefits. So what can you do to ensure you engage employees and drive long term behavioural change?

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