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My Afiniti Recruitment Journey

We are delighted to announce that Zoe Blackman recently joined Afiniti as a Senior Consultant! To help others who may be interested in joining understand the process, Zoe has kindly answered a few questions about her recruitment journey.

Welcome to Afiniti, Zoe! If you don’t mind, could you tell us a bit about your Afiniti recruitment journey?

I’ve been through plenty of recruitment cycles, it’s a notoriously gruelling process.

You endlessly scroll your way through LinkedIn, spending hour after hour on the phone to Recruiters who don’t call you back, feeling less and less like you’ll find something that sparks your ambition. Often people say job hunting is in itself a full time job and honestly I couldn’t agree more.

This time it was different. The whole process felt personal to me, with someone essentially holding my hand throughout, making sure I was comfortable, clear on expectations and encouraging me to be the best I could. You’re not treated as a number at Afiniti, but a person with feelings and nerves and needs.

This, is what sets Afiniti apart for me. When you apply to Afiniti, they really, truly do put people at the heart – from the very beginning!

What was the actual Afiniti recruitment process like?

I first spoke with Sarah (Talent Lead) a couple of days after submitting my CV, via an initial email. The first chat we had was on MS Teams, so we could see one another. As that went pretty well, we met again – this time with a few more structured interview questions.

At the end of the second call, she told me that I seemed to be a great fit, and so I didn’t have to wait to find out if I would progress to the next stage. She explained the entire process to me before asking for my availability and wishing me a happy weekend, arranging to follow up via email the following week. That’s right – I was asked for my availability so the interview could coincide with my time commitments. Because your time is important, too, job seeker!

As promised, an interview with some of the Partners was proposed for a couple of weeks later, along with a Case Study. The invite was clear, with a full explanation of what to expect, timings, what to bring and some helpful tips. When I dialled into the Case Study call, Jenny (A fellow Talent Lead) introduced the task to me and made sure I was comfortable, clear and ready. Once time was up, she dialled back in and congratulated me on a job well done. Then she introduced the interviewers before leaving us to it.

The next day, I got a call from the Sarah to see how I found the Case Study & interview, and if I had any questions or feedback. At no point did I feel like I was out of the loop, or left guessing – Sarah made sure I was consistently informed. A final interview was scheduled shortly after, and following this one, Sarah called a few days later to update me on progress, and let me know that she’d call back the following week with the ultimate decision.

In my case it was positive news, and it genuinely felt like Sarah was just as excited to provide it as I was to receive it. She congratulated me, and then informed me of what would happen over the course of the following few weeks. A couple of weeks later, Sarah called to wish me a Merry Christmas, and has remained as close to my recruitment since offering me the job as she was at the very beginning. She also organised and delivered my induction, so it was personal to me, from someone who, at this point, knew me pretty well. Despite the recruitment process now being complete and me being in post, Sarah continues to check in and make sure I’m doing okay and have everything I need.

Sounds positive! What has been the secret, do you think?

The level of communication! It really makes so much of a difference. I’m a human, I need reassurance and an indication of what to expect, and how I’m doing. Sarah is adept at getting it just right.

An Afiniti colleague recently described Sarah as their ‘Fairy Godmother’ when recounting their experience of joining the company and I’m yet to figure out a more fitting description for the work she does. Every company needs a Sarah, and Afiniti is very lucky to have the only one!

The Talent team really are the window into the way Afiniti operates, and their warm, caring approach to recruitment really makes you feel appreciated and prioritised.

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