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Partner, Principal Consultant

Monica has provided consultancy for over 30 years across learning, communications, performance management and service delivery management. She has a passion for creative, innovative and tailored learning solutions, both digital as well as face-to-face.

Highly organised and effective, Monica is interested in technology, particularly the human performance aspect. She is experienced in working in a global team and optimises the time needed from clients and team alike. She is enthusiastic and driven to delivering high-quality output – caring to make a difference every time.

Monica honed her learning consultancy experience in the IT training sector. She then moved into more general consulting whilst keeping abreast of developments in digital learning. She continues to focus on consulting in the IT sphere, across a range of industry sectors, including pharmaceuticals, energy, transportation and utilities. She has held senior roles in HP Enterprise Services, involving managing service delivery teams, to leading global security teams in delivering first-class service to an international client base.


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