Environmental Policy


To always consider and reduce the negative impact of business activities on the environment.


The environmental policy applies to any and all business activities. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations and will implement programs and procedures to assure compliance. Compliance with environmental standards will be an ingredient in the training, performance reviews, and incentives of all our team.

Policy Statement

Afiniti is committed to minimising the negative impact of its business activities on the environment. All partners, members, employees and associates (team) have a part to play in achieving this and Afiniti will ensure that individuals are aware of their personal responsibility to follow and support the environmental policy.

The environmental policy is based on the 3Rs principles;
Reduce – unnecessary use and waste in areas such as materials, energy and transport
Reuse – all materials where possible within the business
Recycle – any materials that have no further value to the business

Based on a review of our operations we consider the following are the priority areas for environmental management within our business:

1. Reduce paper wastage by providing and using information in electronic format
2. Reuse printed paper wherever possible
3. Reduce the environmental impact of transportation by working and collaborating through telephone, on-line or similar methods
4. Recycle office supplies and general waste wherever possible (especially computing devices)
5. Reduce power consumption by turning off lights and electrical appliances (especially computing devices) when not in use
6. Procure from suppliers with an environmental policy wherever possible


We will communicate our commitment to our company’s environmental performance to our team, vendors, and clients. We will solicit their input in meeting our environmental goals and in turn will offer assistance to meet their goals.

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