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Targeting internal capability to deliver, embed and take accountability for their change

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Failure to prepare and embed a strategy for designing and managing change means a shared purpose is not created and benefits are not identified and realised.

We understand that no two businesses are the same. We work with you to establish a foundation for a uniform approach to delivering change, underpinned by our change readiness assessment. We gain insight into your business’s ability to deliver and embed change by focusing on six key areas:
leadership, the
driver and the

Change Continuity
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6Lever™ Change Readiness Assessment Tool

The 6Lever™ Change Readiness Assessment is a tool created and developed by Afiniti through experience, research and collaboration with clients; which enables an organisation’s readiness for change to be mapped.

We use the tool to benchmark and uncover where you are now, establish the rationale for change, what needs to be done to accelerate change and most importantly make it sustainable. Then, we co-create change management process, establish change infrastructure, tools and methodology to minimise risk and boost efficiency and benefits realisation.


Planning and Preparing for Change

Our experience tells us the best possible outcome and solution is one which has been co-created with the client. One that is tailor-made, if you will, to precisely meet requirements. One where ideation, involvement, ownership and creative thinking takes place together such that what is produced feels right; it’s not an off-the-shelf mechanistic approach where one size fits all.

So whilst we can and do draw on our methodologies, frameworks, toolkit and templates – we very much work with you to co-create, embed and make unrivalled transparency ‘land’ and importantly, stick.


Readiness Change Engine

The Afiniti Readiness Change Engine is an approach used to give an end to end framework for managing change through the lifecycle of a project. It holds all the key information of who’s impacted, how are they impacted, to what extent are they impacted, when will they be impacted, how we should be / are planning to intervene with the affected groups, what do we need to do to be ready for the change and how do we know the change has been adopted.

Not only does the the Engine process readily provide factual information to support structured expertise and experience, but it increases the opportunity of planning upfront to deliver the most effective interventions for each group impacted. This enables you to manage the impact of change from the project start date, and build out the change roadmap in a sustainable way.


Creating Change Leaders

Without successful change leaders, change programmes are likely to suffer from resistance to change and indifference.

A significant cause of failure in business change is the inability to create belief and desire in employees to create a long term change in behaviours and attitudes. If employees don’t see that leadership are backing a project, they’re unlikely to change.

At Afiniti, we equip your people to lead the change ensuring change projects take root.


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