Delivering successful change

Increasing business change capability by putting people at the heart of change

Adapting to
deliver successful change

Your people are the most important part of your organisation. Without their skills, understanding and support,
your business cannot adapt. At Afiniti, we are a values-driven business that focuses on
increasing business change capability by
putting people at the heart.

Through strategic engagement and communication campaigns, we work with you to tell a
compelling story of your business and its future. Our communication plans create
emotional buy-in from your stakeholders and
equip your people to lead change. We support every step of the journey, ensuring your people feel a sense belonging and that they are part of something. We do this by bringing your project to life through a
creative identity, helping push values and messages that create a
meaningful journey, and
Make Change Stick.

Change Continuity
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Know your People

Understanding the role key stakeholders will play and realising their challenges and needs is the key to an enthusiastic and engaged network.​

By creating, in collaboration with your business, persona groups, we can truly understand your people and ensure the messaging and learning is highly targeted and relevant to provide the right support to increase confidence and adoption.

Learn by Doing

To give your change the best possible chance of success, we get to know your people – their skills, how they work and what support and learning they need.

We provide innovative opportunities for people to learn by doing, aligned with various engagement and communications, to make sure we reach the right people at the right time. This ensures that your people are ready for change when it happens and leads to the firm embedding of the new ways of working that support your business objectives.


Identity and Values

Giving your programme branding and an identity enables you to create a sense of purpose and tell the story of the change, your company and its vision for the future.

At Afiniti, we base our campaigns on knowledge of your company’s core values – how its people behave, what they believe and how the change will take them forward. We then build an identity for your programme, conveying your key messages through smart visuals in channels to suit your audience and change.

Our expertise in creating high impact campaigns means that you engage and inspire people with the story behind the change and minimise resistance or apathy. Our creative team gives you sustainable resources with which to engage and mobilise people, to make change stick.


Individual Accountability

It’s the people in your organisation who will ultimately lead, adopt and sustain change and form the basis of how the future works.

Our creative and engaging interventions to get people actively involved in the change – motivating, collaborating, inspiring – encourage people to take ownership of their change. We work with leaders to get their commitment and endorsement, and managers to help them understand the change; coaching and supporting to help them have challenging conversations.

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