“We work with your people throughout their change journey, utilising custom built tools to manage, deliver and embed sustainable change“




"We discover the impact of change on your business in order to deliver engaging and sustainable solutions."




“Changing communities' mindsets and behaviours for sustainable change."


Making Change Stick

We are passionate about the people agenda of business change

  • Creative and innovative in delivering business change, we enable and equip your people to take every step of the change journey.
  • We’ve established a sustained track record of successful and award winning change programmes, supporting businesses through transition, transformation and technology enabled change.
  • Your specific culture and challenges are central to everything we do as we co-create with you to lead, manage and deliver change.
  • Our talented and experienced teams add value beyond the programme’s objectives, boosting your change capability for the long term.

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“Their experience on other large scale business change programmes and their detailed understanding of what worked, risks and readiness levels with the assistance of their own analysis tool set, enabled them to quickly deliver a plan to achieve [our] aims.”
“Afiniti invest time to understand how a business works so that they can understand the most effective way to deliver business change.
Their supportive culture along with a demonstrable track record of success and a real ‘can do’ attitude has helped us deliver a positive increase in staff engagement during a period of significant business change. We could not have achieved this without them.”
“Afiniti used their expertise, insight and relationship building [skills] to quickly understand the business change opportunity.
They delivered what was required through a refreshing blend of pragmatism, pace and innovation.
Afiniti quickly gained credibility and trust in the eyes of the business community and have been integral to building belief and confidence.”


Proven experience in Global IT transformation
Equipping people for technology enabled change
Seamless transitional change
Improved change management capability
Supporting culture change through transformation

  • Enhancing performance

    Rapidly equipping your people with the skills they need through flexible and specialised learning that meets the requirements of both the business and end users.

  • Involving and Inspiring People

    Telling the story of change and engaging your people with the vision of the future state. Creating emotional buy-in from your audience and minimising resistance to change. Equipping your leaders to confidently engage and lead change.

  • Designing and Delivering Change

    Establishing the rationale for change, accelerating change and making it sustainable. Building change capability into the fabric of your business.

  • Creatively Engaging your People

    Conveying your key messages through smart visuals in channels to have maximum impact with your audience.

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Institute of Internal Communication Awards 2018
Award of Excellence
Best Change Communication
Institute of Internal Communication Awards 2016
Award of Excellence
Operational Communication Campaign
Learning and Performance Institute Awards
Gold Award
External Learning Solution of the year