Embedding change

Embedding activities result in the delivery of sustainable change and realisation of benefits

embedding change

At Afiniti, we monitor and measure the impact of engagement and communications throughout your project to make sure they are working and will deliver sustainable change and business benefits.

As a result of our campaigns, organisations see big increases in engagement scores, increased contribution from their people and consistently high feedback. Targets for change adoption have been significantly exceeded and behaviours have been embedded in the long term.

Through analysis, design, delivery and evaluation, we close the gap between your best-case objectives and the reality.

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Evaluations and pulse checks are an integral part of change programmes as they provide valuable information and a general measurement on engagement and adoption. They also provide information on the overall success of learning activities and how well it is being received by both individuals and groups. The outcome of the evaluations contribute to the continuous improvement cycle and drives the ability to embed changes so that it sticks on completion of the project.

Making the Change Real

Making the Change Real

Making the change ‘real’ is an important aspect of any change programme as mindset change can take a lot longer to embed than a systems change.

At Afiniti, we help create opportunities to continually share stories and lessons learned within your business teams and throughout the organisation, helping bring the project to life.

We regularly create libraries of creative and engaging interventions, assets and tools that focus on addressing mindsets and behaviours – looking for themes that can address specific challenges or activities that will engage people to think differently and connect.

Continued Support

Continued Support

With mindset change taking longer to embed than a systems change, continued support is vital to making change stick.

To maximise people’s engagement and adoption, we support your internal change teams and provide the opportunity to continuously improve engagement levels after the initial change project has happened. This enables the change to be continually embedded, maximising the ROI and strengthening your internal change management maturity.

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