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Balancing Future Transformation and Current Operational Need

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our transport client’s IT Services and Telecom functions collectively provide essential technology and connectivity services to colleagues to fully enable their digital working lives. As corporate technology usage has developed, and current equipment has become outdated and capacity-constrained, the demand and expectations on network performance have increased, particularly in the Covid-19 environment of flexible, digitally-enabled and remote working as well as the delivery by IT Services of modern tools and technology platforms. The Telecom function therefore identified a need to communicate its strategic goal of transforming the network, simultaneously with targeted operational communications to address specific network stabilisation issues with the current corporate network on a site level.

The aim of our delivery was to provide a communications strategy, plan, and supporting materials that would address both the immediate operational need and the longer-term strategic direction, whilst encouraging colleagues to take advantage of the technology available to them.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We worked closely with the programme team and communications colleagues to develop a phased approach: define, engage and embed change. This would ensure our delivery was timely, relevant, specific, and aligned with the programme’s evolution.

We produced a programme charter that told the story to date and set the scene for the current operational delivery and strategic change ahead, providing clarity for the functional teams and their key stakeholders.

We developed an outcome-based, integrated communications and stakeholder engagement strategy, phased and aligned to objectives for each identified stakeholder group.

We designed and delivered supporting materials including:

  • A key message framework to ensure consistent, concise programme messaging.
  • An engaging, relevant, flexible visual identity that carried programme messaging.
  • A toolkit comprising key content for multiple stakeholder groups and broader audiences such as a programme narrative.

In delivering all of these, we ensure close collaboration with key people in both IT Services and the Telecom function to ensure joint achievement of business objectives and alignment with broader business strategy and desired outcomes.

The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • We brought together key people who were working fully virtually for the first time, aligning the operational and strategic elements with a common purpose.
  • We enabled a platform for current, operational communications and engagement with line of sight to the future network transformation.
  • We delivered a flexible identity for the project that would grow and develop as the programme evolved.
  • Ensured the perspective of all stakeholders, audiences, and persona groups were reflected in the planned communications delivery.
  • We demonstrated through our content and delivery how colleagues could take advantage of the technology available to them, delivered by another programme, ensure the benefits of the change were realised, with swift and sustained adoption of new ways of working.
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