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Driving Technology Adoption in a Complex Environment   

Project Overview

Project Overview

Part of a wider technology adoption programme, MyDevice was a first-of-its-kind initiative at our rail infrastructure client that offered colleagues a choice in their work devices. Aiming to deploy 25,000+ Windows 10 devices whilst moving all colleagues to Microsoft 365, MyDevice empowered people across the network to choose the tech best suited to their individual roles as well as embedding collaboration tools to unlock more responsive, flexible and ‘silo-free’ cross-team ways of working. Afiniti were engaged to support the engagement and communications required to successfully deliver this pioneering programme.

MyDevice became even more crucial when weeks into its much-anticipated delivery phase, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. With the country in lockdown, continuing safe and reliable railway operations was imperative to ensure key workers could travel and vital freight be moved. To enable this, device deployment and technology adoption needed to continue, requiring supporting communications and engagement for diverse audiences, roles, interests and levels of IT expertise.

Our Solution

Our Solution

In close collaboration with the client, we:

  • Developed a highly targeted, dynamic communications plan to inform and engage across the presentation and selection of devices, piloting, communication processes, national deployment and the production and delivery of supporting materials.
  • The comms plan used a phased approach to inform people of the ‘what’ and ‘why’, involve them and inspire them to take advantage of this exciting new technology. 
  • Regularly reviewed the plan and incorporated stakeholder feedback, working with the D&I lead throughout to ensure adherence to the client’s D&I requirements.
  • Used a mix of online communication channels, printed materials and face-to-face opportunities to ensure a personal approach.
  • Used PowerBI to enable dynamic reporting from multiple data sources, combining comms and engagement metrics with process and change indicators to create a comprehensive set of people-centric dashboards.

Due to the Pandemic, we adapted the deployment approach and supporting communications activity, continuing to maintain clear processes for technology adoption and putting people at the centre. This included:

  • Maximising the high-quality customer experience with an additional customer journey: one for onsite and one for postal deployment.
  • Amending all communications, from the printed materials to the core MyIT site, while finding alternative channels for onsite content.
The Award-Winning Differences We Made

The Award-Winning Differences We Made

“Afiniti listen and respond to what they’re hearing and bring creativity to shape visionary thinking. Moreover, their colleagues have the emotional intelligence, personality and confidence to challenge convention without losing their stakeholder audience.”

  • Facilitated 84 roadshows (physical and virtual) across 50 sites, with experts demonstrating the devices to c.10,000 colleagues.
  • Established a 400+ strong champions network from varying roles and functions who supported local users during implementation, helped sustain momentum and deepened technology adoption. 
  • Developed a compelling visual identity which stood out and resonated with different audiences while still on brand.
  • Communicated the new ‘post-Covid’ deployment strategy by producing 25 ‘how-to’ videos, a SharePoint ‘MyIT’ site, eBooks, podcasts, onsite and digital posters, direct emails, a customer query mailbox, 4 briefing packs and positive user stories.
  • The Microsite received over 300,000 visits within a year.
  • £2m/year saving post programme delivery plus potential £1.6m/year saving through security and licensing benefits.
  • Within a year of completion, 26,000 devices had been delivered with 26,317 people completing the selection tool.
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