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Case Study

Network Rail – Cyber Security Engagement Campaign

Project Overview

Helping Network Rail achieve a shift in behaviour, to address one of the railway’s most significant threats.

For Network Rail (NR), the ability to introduce and use enabling technologies securely is critical to the safety, performance and continuing development of the UK railway. Cyber-attack on the rail infrastructure has been ranked as a Level 0 threat – the most severe rating. NR has put in place robust measures to protect the railway and the thousands of passengers using it and a large part of this relies on embedding a workforce culture that instinctively acts responsibly to detect, protect and respond to security threats. The security teams joined forces to address this issue as one and Afiniti was asked to energise the Programme’s efforts to effect behavioural change across NR.

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Our Solution

Understanding that behavioural change takes time to embed, our approach combined some immediate awareness activities, as well as the development of a longer-term sustainable toolkit – designed to be used by the business to reinforce a cyber security mind-set. Afiniti worked with the programme team to:

  • Develop the impactful Cyber Security theme, in harmony with existing collateral and drawing on real employees
  • Inspire and sustain the Security Champions network, with a seminar format, dashboard, awareness posters and easy presentation materials
  • Produce a set of eight videos, invigorating the Programme’s ‘Eight Asks’ and putting the spotlight on real people’s stories.
  • Devise a storytelling animation clarifying everyone’s role in the fight against cyber-attack
  • Create an ‘Event in a box’ to be held at various locations, including all signage, collateral, pre-event advertising and feedback mechanisms.
  • Produce campaign collateral, including flyers and posters, enabling Champions to promote the Cyber Security messages in their own way over time.
The Differences We Made
  • We equipped and revitalised the Security Champions network using the toolkit create a consistent cyber story to engage line managers, new joiners and senior managers.
  • We inspired pride in the workforce through peer-to-peer influencing of real stories about cyber Security.
  • We raised awareness and learning across communities on how to recognise and mitigate risk, ensuring that content was targeted and relevant to individuals.
  • We created flexible and sustainable Roadshow events – an entire ‘event in a box’ ready to be delivered by teams and managers.
  • We made it real for the vast and disperse workforce, with facts and figures relevant to their roles.
  • Overall, we created a growing sense of security consciousness with colleagues more likely to challenge.


The toolkit is a great resource, complementing our existing work on the programme, which will enable myself and colleagues to continue to embed safe security behaviours through our awareness campaign. The quality of the work has more than met my expectations. I feel the team really took the time to get to know us as a client, building on their industry knowledge, making sure the products produced were fit for purpose and will stand the test of time.

Communications Manager, Cyber Security Programme

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