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Afiniti Accredited as Gold Standard Learning Provider by LPI for the 18th Consecutive Year

Afiniti has been awarded the status of ‘Gold Accredited Learning Provider’ for the 18th consecutive year, for its commitment to high quality and process improvement in the provision of learning, development and training services to clients.

LPI accreditation is the globally recognised quality mark for providers of learning products, technologies, services and facilities. During the accreditation assessment, the LPI evaluates organisational efficacy against numerous key performance indicators (KPI’s), scoring each against a reference framework. The process is rigorous, with providers being required to demonstrate a KPI score of 75% or greater across all sections, including client-endorsed case studies and telephone-based references. This year we are especially proud to have received 100% KPI scores in multiple areas, including client value proposition, marketing, self-study content, service/product roadmap, business stability, people development, client integrity, corporate integrity and CSR.

As a specialist Business Change consultancy based in the UK and operating globally, we support targeted sectors including rail and transport, energy, pharmaceuticals, logistics, energy and utilities and construction. We take a holistic approach to designing and delivering tailored solutions for our clients and we routinely innovative; developing new and exciting ways for people to engage with learning.

Jim Parish, LPI Accreditation Mentor, commented:

The quality of service offered to existing and new clients is reflected and is as the result of the care taken in having clearly defined internal quality processes, well-orchestrated to projects, and the continuing development of Partners, consultants and practitioners and a growing band of dedicated associates.

This Year 18 Gold Standard Accreditation is based on the evidence provided that showed that the Afiniti operation has thrived and adapted to the challenges presented in the last year, concentrating on conservative growth and a focus on developing a cohesive, balanced and enthused workforce in order to meet the challenges and more importantly, opportunities of the upcoming year/s though a well thought out sustainability strategy.”

Anthony Edwards, Partner, Afiniti said:

“At Afiniti, we operate with pride and pragmatism – putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. We provide innovative opportunities for people to learn by doing, aligned with various engagement and communications, to make sure we reach the right people at the right time. This ensures our clients are ready for change when it happens and leads to the firm embedding of the new ways of working that support business objectives.

“To be awarded the status of ‘Gold Accredited Learning Provider’ for 18 consecutive years only reinforces that we are genuinely providing excellent learning and performance solutions both internally at Afiniti and with our clients – adding real value – and helping make change stick. We could not be more pleased.”

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