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Afiniti Celebrates Newly Certified Change Management Practitioners

Afiniti are delighted to share the recent achievements of Amy Mallen, Brionni Simmons, Lauren Thomas and Eleanor Payne, who are now certified change management practitioners. Congratulations to you all, and good luck to our other consultants who are currently studying for their certification.

Supporting our consultants on their learning and development journey is something our partners enjoy and take great pride in. At Afiniti, “people at the heart” is more than a value. People at the heart (PATH) is also the learning and development journey our consultants embark upon as soon as they join Afiniti.

PATH is supported by the Afiniti Academy, which includes formal and informal learning and development opportunities as well as regular face-to-face sessions where we share experiences and lessons learned from recent client engagements. We are always learning, which means no two days are the same at Afiniti.

One of the formal learning and development opportunities available is to become a certified change management practitioner. Recently our consultants have taken on the challenge, studying topics such as benefits management, stakeholder engagement, change impact, change readiness and sustaining change, through self-paced online learning. It’s been great to see the confidence of our consultants grow and watch them apply their new skills to the work we do supporting our clients on their change and transformation programmes.

Developing our people is a priority at Afiniti, and we encourage our consultants to make time for PATH each week. This can be through formal learning or informal learning such as studying content in our Centre of Excellence or taking part in internal projects, including our people engagement activities. Using Clear Review (an online performance tool) helps to keep track of our objectives and learnings and means we keep everything in one place, making it easy to see the progress being made, and most importantly celebrate the successes!

Whether you’d like to become a certified change management practitioner or join our award-winning virtual team in a different role, find out more about life at Afiniti here.

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