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Insights from our 6Lever™ Change Readiness Assessment

The Afiniti 6LeverTM change readiness tool was first developed over 10 years ago. In its simplest terms, it’s a readiness assessment that takes the culmination of 20+ years of change management experience into a simple to understand format. This can be used with clients as a structured way of understanding an organisation’s readiness for change. At it’s most complex, it’s a mechanism of complicated and detailed questions through which change readiness can be measured, analysed and validated.

Since its initial use, the 6LeverTM tool has evolved as both our clients’ requirements and our own knowledge and expertise have developed. Some recent updates include:

  • Developing the Afiniti index to fully incorporate our current understanding of what good change readiness is
  • Adding the flexibility to measure readiness at different levels – whether that be organisational, functional or team
  • Introducing the flexibility to adapt questions and question sets to cater to the needs of the requirement

What are these 6 Levers?

Afiniti 6Lever Change Readiness Assessment

They are the factors that we believe need to be in place and fully functioning in order for an organisation to begin their journey and stand a chance of being successful.

  1. Leadership – does the organisation possess leadership with the commitment, initiative and drive, combined with the motivational skills to lead the business through change?
  2. Drivers – does the organisation clearly articulate the business imperative for change and the change journey towards defined outcomes?
  3. Capability – does the organisation possess and develop the people, competencies and resources to function effectively in its future state?
  4. Method – has the organisation defined and communicated the proven and successful ways of doing things related to change?
  5. Engagement – are those impacted by the change connected, informed and committed to the change programme?
  6. Culture – does the organisation demonstrate a forward thinking, integrated and constructive approach to dealing with change and the challenges it brings?

Insights from 6LeverTM in practice

As we evolve the 6LeverTM tool, we can maximise the benefits it can deliver and adapt the tool to our clients’ needs. Recently, we were able to use the 6LeverTM tool with a client experiencing a challenging change environment. Unable to identify the root cause of these challenges and therefore unable to plan to address them, the 6LeverTM tool brought clarity and pragmatism. Running the 6LeverTM tool in this instance was more than simply measuring their change readiness; the tool was used to find the key challenges in qualitative and quantitative manner, providing rich, evidence-based insight into which areas of the business were struggling compared to our Afiniti Index – and, most importantly, why.

Our findings enabled our client to take empowered action:

  • Focusing on uniting leadership and maturing their capability to be active leaders in a complex change programme
  • Ensuring employees felt very much part of the journey, and creating the mechanisms to have their voices heard and acted upon
  • Developing a new and much more specific change strategy, which equipped our client to prioritise and work through identified challenges with clear structure
  • Demonstrating a baseline from which to evidence improvement across many key business performance indicators, as well as ensure visible progress through the change journey was achievable, instilling the much needed agility to course correct along the way.

Ultimately, the insight enabled our client to set themselves up for strong change outcomes. Investing in the foundations of change readiness to avoid confused teams and disappointing progress further down the line.

Change is a complex undertaking, whether big or small. There are so many things that you need to consider and put in place for you to be successful.

Ever wondered where to even start?

Ever felt like you’re doing as much as you possibly can, but not getting anywhere?

Maybe the key question to ask is: ‘are you and your organisation ready to even start the change journey? 

And, what’s more, how do you know if you’re ready?’

If you want to get an initial understanding of how ready your organisation is for change, you can take a simplified version of the 6LeverTM assessment here, or get in touch for more help with your change project.

Over our next Afiniti digests we will be diving deeper into the elements of the 6LeverTM tool and how it can be used to improve change readiness.

Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards
Partner, Principal Consultant
Anthony is an accomplished Change Consultant and Business Analyst, who has worked on a variety of learning and business change projects since joining Afiniti in 2003.
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