Anthony Edwards

Partner, Principal consultant

Anthony is an accomplished Change Consultant and Business Analyst, who has worked on a variety of learning and business change projects since joining Afiniti in 2003.

Anthony brings a wealth of experience having worked on numerous multi-faceted, complex projects , enabling him to understand the needs of stakeholders at all levels, in technical environments.

He has expertise in assessing change readiness and development needs, delivering approaches that will embed change and measuring the success of these approaches in realising business benefits.

Clients such as Network Rail, Aspen, Hiscox and Thomson Reuters have benefited from Anthony working closely with them, developing their Learning Programmes and getting to the heart of their Business Change requirements.

As a born and raised Australian, he studied for his Business and Law degrees in Sydney before moving to London in 2002.  An avid traveller, he has been to every country in Europe – yes, even Moldova!

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