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Emma is a Managing Consultant with over 25 years’ experience in organisation design, project business analysis, change management and communications. Emma has worked with a variety of large organisations in the private, public and charitable sectors, from Rail to the NHS and RAF to financial services, energy and pharma, as well as large scale transformation in other safety-critical, heavily unionised operational environments.

Emma helps cross-functional workstreams to align with project goals, and her philosophy is to partner with the client to optimise stakeholder involvement and deliver successful business design change.

As our Transport Account Partner, Emma provides governance and assurance to join the dots across Network Rail and the delivery team, driving the change roadmap.

With relationships across Route Services, routes and regions, TOCs and FOCs and passenger organisations, Emma’s rail knowledge and passenger focus through modernisation has helped to deliver global transformation, programme design and delivery as well as organisational redesign.

Emma is passionate about change initiatives that are benefit led, with data driven interventions that start with the end in mind, driving ecosystem focus and joining the dots. Creative, resourceful and committed to change being done excellently, Emma brings energy, enthusiasm, and deep capability to her work. In her spare time, she enjoys sports-based activities such as running, hiking and kayaking.


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