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Passionate about driving positive change within organisations, Natasha creates compelling internal communication campaigns which make employees feel inspired by a vision and empowered to deliver it. She enjoys understanding different stakeholders and finding the story that they care about to bring an initiative to life.

Natasha has worked with clients across a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, oil/gas, IT, financial services, transport and government. She has a track record of engaging global audiences to overcome unique challenges, and her communications have successfully implemented organisational change, improved employee engagement and unified diverse workforces. With a background in HR and a degree in linguistics, she is always focused on the people side of change and finding the perfect words to get the message across.

When not enjoying life at home by the seaside, Natasha loves travelling to new places, photographing pretty buildings and relaxing with yoga. After recently buying an old house, she has also discovered a hidden flair for home decorating and DIY.

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