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Evidencing Engagement Through Change Adoption Metrics

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our global consumer health client needed to ensure the adoption of a critical data reporting tool. Afiniti partnered with the client to deliver an engaging campaign, with a laser-focus on measuring historically low and slow change adoption metrics. To achieve this, there was a key requirement for Afiniti to evidence adoption levels in the client’s pharmaceutical and medtech functions.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • Afiniti partnered closely with the project team over 18 months to build and deliver 10+ critical reports across pharma and medtech that enabled the use of change adoption metrics.

  • These tracked key engagement metrics, including active user growth within and across functions and regions as well as time spent engaging with comms materials.

  • We created a robust enterprise change management strategy, which we validated with the project team and 32 key colleagues across the business as part of our discovery work.

  • We took a phased approach to embedding the change strategy and delivery, ensuring this was familiar and repeatable through:
    • A period of communications to drive Awareness and Desire, based on transparency, benefits-centric narrative and expectation setting.
    • Highly targeted, persona-based learning to enhance Knowledge and Ability to use the tools, including demos, FAQs and quick reference guides.
    • Reinforcement activities in partnership with franchise and category-based subject matter experts and end-user surveys to understand data gaps, encourage robust data governance and surface success stories.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

“I just wanted to thank you for all the support you’ve provided. In my 23 years at (client), this is in my opinion one of the best thought-out and executed strategies I’ve seen. We have come a long way and look forward to what’s next.”

– Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager
  • We developed a highly active Microsoft Teams one-stop-shop hub for all communication, learning and reinforcement activity that was thoroughly utilised by senior leadership, POCs and end-users as the first and single source of truth.

  • We closed multiple data gaps with subject matter experts to strengthen credibility and trust in data, evidenced in our monthly connects, whilst informing targeted learning materials.

  • Before even decommissioning the legacy reporting tool, our change adoption metrics evidenced that the new reports achieved 80% adoption in medtech.
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