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Establishing a Change Management Culture and New Operating Model for Sustainable Growth

Project Overview

Project Overview

As a workforce solutions provider for the NHS, our client saw sudden and exponential growth in 2020 in response to the COVID Pandemic. Today, it is the largest NHS flexible staff bank with over 180,000 members, serving more than 50 NHS Trusts across the UK. This rapid growth combined with relative under-investment resulted in the client’s operating system becoming complex and unlikely to meet the increasing needs of the NHS.

Our client recognised it needed a change that was bold, radical and complex. The transformation would incorporate market-leading technology, process optimisation and the introduction of new ways of working alongside a shift to a change management culture, all of which were required for sustainable growth. The transformation vision is to see the organisation become the strategic workforce partner of choice in the health and care sector.

To do this, their biggest asset – their people – have to be inspired to engage and contribute to putting more people in more places to care more quickly. 

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • We co-created a bold new design identity and key message framework for the transformation that would resonate with internal and external customers. 
  • These key messages and designs were then strategically cascaded through engaging leadership events with the support of various media assets. 
  • We designed and facilitated in-depth Target Operating Model workshops, shaping the future ways of working for the organisation.
  • We established the higher-level business processes the client would need to achieve their desired future state across their people, process, technology and data. 
  • We developed the internal capability to become self-sufficient in carrying out the necessary change interventions, assessments and governance while ensuring people were at the heart of every decision. This required significant coaching and support across the transformation team, helping them to form a change management culture, improve and grow.
  • Although a challenging climate with real consequences to the health and care sector, we acted as the partner who could connect the dots across the various workstreams and help to bring a sense of calm and clarity to decision-making so that challenges were addressed by the right people internally.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

“I’ve been so impressed by the expertise and the knowledge that the Afiniti team have brought to our transformation. I can really see how the work that they’ve done will lead us to our future transformed target operating model. We’re thankful for all your expertise, passion and energy in working with us as partners.”

– Chief People Officer
  • The organisation has taken herculean strides forward in transformation maturity. We equipped and enabled success with multiple toolkits which focus on change adoption and readiness, learning and development, strategic TOM design and business process management and governance. 
  • Our client has now embedded strategic workshop approaches, ADKAR methodology for technology roll-outs impacting over 1000 staff and 180,000 bank NHS members, structured change governance, readiness assessments and gateways in addition to a new business process architecture to set them up for success.
  • By partnering closely with them, upskilling their internal teams and acting as their trusted advisor, the client is now in a stronger, better and more robust position to continue with their transformation with a change management culture and to achieve the objectives to put more people in places to care, more quickly.
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