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Change Management to Drive Adoption During SAP-Enabled Standardisation

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our client, one of the world’s largest shipping companies, had a significant focus on growing their business and a key element to achieving this growth was to embed a standard global process for managing SAP projects, embedding change and realising business benefits – SAP was the enabler for this standard process.

As change partner, focussing on the people aspect of our client’s change programme, we made sure that change was integrated into the programme from the outset and project delivery processes were formalised and well communicated amongst key stakeholders in order to ensure the change was adopted.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • We worked with the change and programme team to develop and implement an integrated change management and project methodology
  • We created Project Change and Delivery Method (PCDM) Overview Guides in both electronic and paper format which were given to all project stakeholders to provide guidance of the PCDM lifecycle and deliverables at each stage.
  • We also created PCDM Roles & Responsibilities Guides for all project stakeholders (RACI including deliverables and interactions).
  • We designed an engaging and interactive training package that involved real business scenarios and how to apply to the new methodology.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • We developed a clear story as to why the change was required, including visible endorsements from senior leadership team.
  • We made sure that PCDM and its associated rollout was ‘people’ focussed, including clear roles & responsibilities, to help ensure successful adoption.
  • Our engaging training led to a clear understanding of stage gates, deliverables and stakeholders’ roles in managing / supporting the process.
  • Following the successful roll out of the PCDM for SAP projects a decision was made to expand and further develop the methodology to cover all areas of IS (Information Solutions).
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