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Project Overview

Project Overview

A global life sciences client had announced bold ambitions to not only remain a leader, but to shape the future of healthcare by delivering a significant increase in patient benefit at a reduced cost to society. The drug development function of this organisation, comprising around 5,000 people across the globe, had a pivotal role to play and had commenced a transformation journey. This was an opportunity for their people to be part of something special that delivered increased value for patients and society. However, the client was aware that, as with many such journeys, the end is not always clear, but instead will develop and emerge overtime.

The change challenge was significant. The traditional way of managing change here was fragmented and managed by the functions. Moving the entire ‘system’ was often seen as challenging. Deep-rooted ways of working had manifested, and drug development processes were largely the same as they were 25 years ago.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • Supported the design and set up of a Transformation Enabling Team to bring together Strategy, Planning, Programme Management, Operational Intelligence and Change Management to enable and support the transformation programme.
  • Co-created a new framework for strategy development, which provided the direction for identifying, initiating, managing and measuring the transformation. Leaders provided co-sponsorship so the whole organisational perspective was considered rather than the traditional functional focus. 
  • Onboarded and equipped the Future State Element teams, incorporating key aspects of change management into the design and delivery approach.
  • Helped engage senior leaders and wider stakeholders in the proposed changes to the interconnected development ecosystem.
  • Supported improved internal communications across the programme.  
  • Increased progress visibility within the organisation through transparent messaging while encouraging two-way, responsive communications.  
  • Worked with the operational intelligence team, helping to create a sharper focus on outcomes and success measures by creating clear and tangible connections between the programme objectives and organisational outcomes. 
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

I can truly say I’ve never worked with such a dynamic team. You come with your A-game every day to deliver amazing results, and the transformation would never be where it is today without your efforts. In many ways, the organisation we’re trying to become is epitomised by your teams today.”

– MD, Drug Development Transformation
  • Strengthened the Transformation Enabling Team with the capabilities and capacity to support the Future State Element team to deliver the strategy.
  • Increased engagement and buy-in from Senior Leadership and Managers, increasing support and buy-in to the new strategy and the five new Future State Teams.
  • Team members recruited and onboarded into the five new Future State Element Teams and inducted into the scaled agile approach to deliver their planned outcomes.
  • Prepared the five Future State element teams to support the bold aims of the transformation: to enable the entire development system to increase patient benefit at reduced cost to society. 

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