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Case Study

Change Management to Support 700 People With New Roles, Processes and Relocation

Project Overview


Network Rail runs, maintains and develops Britain’s rail infrastructure, with four million passenger journeys every day. Information Management (IM) provides cutting-edge IT to over 35,000 employees and 20 train/freight operators.   To help understand the people and culture in IM, Afiniti completed a ‘discovery’ phase in an intense period of learning and analysis.  The IM Better Ahead strategic journey was then created.  A subsequent business change communications strategy was developed and implemented to ensure that employees remained focused and engaged.

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Our Solution
  • A rich picture to visualise and bring to life IM Better Ahead
  • Branded collateral for all IM Better Ahead communications
  • An interactive SharePoint site as the focal point for all IM Better Ahead communication and information
  • A branded html monthly newsletter
  • Interactive road shows to introduce and develop IM Better Ahead (including video creation)
  • Posters telling stories help build pride and passion
  • A podcast series to keep up the momentum on IM Better Ahead
  • A communications hub to give IM Better Ahead a physical presence in the office
  • A survey to measure effectiveness, plus subsequent analysis and recommendations
The Differences We Made
  • 100% of attendees rated their road show experience as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ following the campaign, compared to 77% before.
  • Survey findings discovered that 83% of employees were very committed to making IM Better Ahead a success.
  • Visualisation of the key strategic theme in IM.
  • A clearly, branded, professional look and feel to all IM Better Ahead business change communications.
  • An online newsletter that’s easy to read based on audience needs.


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