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Building the Change Roadmap for Global Transformation

Project Overview

Project Overview

Afiniti were engaged as the business change partner for a market-leading renewable energy supplier, supporting the discovery activities required to define, validate and bring to life their global business change roadmap.

The client’s rapid growth has resulted in a key challenge regarding how they scale effectively, communicate their vision to their people and help them understand the key priority areas which will support them in meeting their business goals.

After previous delivery attempts did not go as expected, the client recognised the need for a specialist business change consultancy who could work at pace with a creative approach, and they subsequently engaged Afiniti. The Afiniti team made an immediate positive impact and rebuilt senior leadership advocacy for the goals.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • We undertook extensive leadership interviews and change analysis to create a robust data framework of 170+ change initiatives from across 16 functions. Validating and baselining the data was pivotal for the foundation of the change roadmap and was the key enabler for dynamic reporting.
  • We built a suite of dynamic Power BI reporting dashboards, providing the leadership team with visibility of progress and points of escalation as well as the ability for impacted colleagues to be able to focus and drill down into their areas.
  • Through a series of creative workshops with key stakeholders we co-created the design of a visually engaging and interactive roadmap, which presents the business initiatives (linked to strategy) and brings the change roadmap to life in a creative and engaging way.
  • Based on the agreed change roadmap and the activities needed to support successful delivery, Afiniti worked with the client and designed the optimal team needed to support the business change delivery. This included the consideration of the capabilities needed to drive and deliver the change and mitigate any risk recognised during the discovery period.
  • As part of the discovery phase, using our expertise, we provided a discovery report detailing specific discovery insights which will support the success of the future stages. 
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

“I have really enjoyed working with the Afiniti team. I like the way you work, collaborating and co-creating with all the team”.

– Business Change Lead
  • Informed business change roadmap: Using our deep data capability, we built an integrated plan of the core change initiatives required to support the strategic goals being a success. We also developed a range of reporting dashboards and trackers which allowed the team to have visibility of business readiness and change planning.
  • Senior advocacy: Through a considered and focused approach with key executive leaders we ensured they understood the importance of the change. We balanced our approach with a rapid pace of delivery so leaders quickly had visibility of the roadmap and were prepared and equipped with the knowledge to support both their teams and the change team.
  • Making the complex simple: We co-created a compelling rich picture with the varying impacted roles to strengthen organisational alignment to the roadmap. The rich picture helped to bring the plan to life for colleagues and foster excitement for the journey ahead.
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