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Project Overview

Project Overview

Operational IT support services in a rail environment were transforming, delivering change to establish new policies, processes, governance, tools – and therefore ways of working – within a new structure. As a transformational programme, its remit extended well beyond ‘fixing’ current issues into determining and implementing forward strategy.

The aim was to optimise service provision and demonstrate the service’s value for money to internal customers and consumers. The outcome would be an IT operations organisation that was fit for the future, aligned with the wider business strategy and capable of supporting and capitalising upon the opportunities presented by technology, both already available and emerging.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our role in support of this was to develop an identity, core messaging and a narrative for the transformation to underpin engagement with colleagues fully and effectively, as well as recommend key communications activities for delivering change aligned with programme milestones.

We worked closely with the programme and strategic change teams to leverage work to date and existing content, channels and relationships. In our initial phase, we interviewed key stakeholders to ensure our delivery would meet the multiple needs of each group they represented. We developed:

  • A key message framework to support consistent, clear and coherent core messaging.
  • An engaging visual identity that represented the messaging including a suite of assets and templates.
  • A narrative to bring the programme to life for key stakeholders and audiences.
  • A review of existing communications, identification and high-level categorisation of key audience groups and recommendations on how to best deliver the narrative to those audiences.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • We developed engaging visuals and content that would appeal to key audiences and simply get key messages across.
  • We contextualised the service change in the rail environment, developing a concept around comparing the self-service element offered by the transformed IT service model with self-service rail ticket machines.
  • We carefully conducted an objective assessment of existing communications and a tangible way to build and improve on it.
  • We maintained and promoted a people focus for delivering change based on agreed personas and think, feel, know, do.

I enjoyed Afiniti’s honesty, i.e. not sugar-coating things, so I knew what I needed to tackle, which resulted in challenging – but the right – follow up conversations

Senior Programme Manager
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