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Developing People’s Capability to Manage Information as a Critical and Valuable Asset

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our client owns, operates and stewards many critical physical infrastructure assets which are invested in, managed strategically and their value maximised. More recently our client has started a journey to drive a change in behaviours to treat the data, information, and knowledge they use to operate and manage their business as a critical and valuable asset as well. As part of a wider programme to achieve this, Afiniti partnered with the client to develop the capability of key people in their contact with information assets.

Our task was to equip existing and newly established information risk owners and information champions with the information and tools needed to understand and better manage the information assets of the business and to stimulate sustained sharing of good practice. Our goal was to establish a community of actively engaged key people – for whom the role is an ‘add on’ to their day job – who were confident, capable, competent, collaborative and connected in their management of information as an asset.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • We built a delivery plan based on ADKAR and a robust stakeholder analysis, both founded on identification of key members of the information management community
  • Delivered high level and detailed communications and engagement plans and templates, taking advantage of channels and tools to make it as easy as possible for the community to engage
  • Delivered a visual identity and a range of highly engaging templates for communications and engagement
  • We delivered key content to support awareness including emails, videos and articles aimed at increasing engagement among the community to change the way they thought about and valued information assets
  • Organised and facilitated 5 international high-profile events, bringing in key external and internal expertise and parts of the business into the discussion who’d not previously been included
  • Provided mechanisms for the community to engage in new and different ways to engender the desire to participate
  • We provided a model for identifying and tracking the developing capability of the community, including early warning and key performance indicators
  • Delivered a toolkit for the community of the materials needed to ensure consistent, valuable and standardised management of information
  • All of this was done remotely where it would have previously been delivered in person
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • Ensured consolidation of content and messaging to ensure alignment with strategic objectives and wider business objectives
  • Led the way to ensure our delivery was aligned with other areas of the wider programme and complemented the work being conducted by other parties
  • Exceeded our engagement targets for the 5 events
  • Provided additional templates and identity assets to set the team up for the future
  • Worked as part of the team to embed longer term capability within the team and consistently delivered over and above expectations
  • Achieved overwhelmingly positive feedback for our delivery
  • Engaged people across the business, including in the traditionally harder to reach areas
  • Brought previous experience and people in key topic experts as needed as well as people to develop and sustain key client relationships, using know and trusted channels
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